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--- Comment #23 from Paul Mackerras <paulus at ozlabs.org> ---
Hopefully this is the right place to submit feedback about ls004; if not then
Luke could add a pointer to the right place to the OPF gitea issue.

Comments from IBM architects regarding the proposal:

The ls004 instructions use "sm" as the name of the shift-amount field. sm is
not a split field, so the field name should be capitalized. (I'm not sure what
"sm" stands for. "shift minus (1)"? If yes, SHM1 might be a better name. (ls004
doesn't include a definition of the field for Section 1.6.3.))

An additional comment is that the architecture uses "s" to stand for "Shift" in
Shift instruction mnemonics, not "sh" as in ls004. (ls003 uses "s".)

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