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--- Comment #7 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jacob Lifshay from comment #3)

> parallel reduction is a reduction aka has only one output, the rest of the
> output vector is intermediate results that aren't a prefix-sum. parallel
> reduction is basically 1/2 a prefix-sum operation.

ahh that second half of the tree in the image on the wikipedia page.

right.  yes, it's doable.  it's pretty seriously late in the day but
i like it.


so if SVyd is free... which it is...


then at line 301 and 305 "if SVyd == 1 then set submode=0b10 0b11
instead of submode = 0b00 0b01 in SVSHAPE0 and SVSHAPE1 respectively.

then in svshape.py:

line 170 needs sub-mode detection... or does it... no.
iterate_preduce_indices() is where sub-mode would be
looked at and the second half done.

do you want to have a go at that? keep it *real* simple - one step at a
time, can you add support for

* SVSHAPE.skip == 0b10 -> submode 10 (LH argument) parallel-prefix
* SVSHAPE.skip == 0b11 -> submode 11 (RH argument) parallel-prefix

line 30

and you *should* just be able to add the 2nd half onto the end (line 43
onwards) and do

   "if SVSHAPE.skip in [0b00, 0b01]: return"

and that should basically be it.  add a *real* simple 2nd "demo()" function,
please *don't* go massively overboard, or make significant changes to this
code ok?

one step at a time, remap_preduce_yield.py first.

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