[Libre-soc-isa] [Bug 924] potential major opcode allocation for SVP64

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--- Comment #2 from djac at calderwoodhan.com ---
To all the active members of LibreSOC, let me explain what I can about what is
going on.

LibreSOC has developed SVP64 based on pubic releases of the ISA.

Luke and I can now see and discuss under RED Semiconductor's membership the
current state of affairs, and changes already made or under way to the ISA as
yet unpublished.  We can also be told what resources are available to LibreSOC
as an absolute statement.

We have to submit a workable means of integrating SVP64 into the POWER ISA that
complies with the current state of affairs of the ISA.

Apologies but we are going to have to do this by a double blind process where
Luke, Toshaan or I will be able to say "that cannot be done but I cannot tell
you why.

We have had guidance and advice as to what would be accepted, most of it in the
clear, and we need to convey this to the LibreSOC team as a way forward.

This was always going to happen at some point and todays the day.

Inevitably there is going to be some form of coming together with what we need
and what we can have, and we all need to constructively work towards this.

I would ask everyone to bear with us in this process as the prize will
substantially clear our way to getting the RFC for SVP64 accepted in its
entirety, and remove many obstructions.

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