[Libre-soc-dev] setvl lost its reserved fields (was: setvl gaining CTR mode)

lkcl luke.leighton at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 10:29:23 BST 2022

third time of repeating, you have not listened the first time and you have not listened the second time.

i have not read anything that you have written in the past two messages.  there is no time to do so, and no funding to do so.

we are weeks away from RFC submission

we are weeks away from 70% of NLnet funding ending.

i asked for an opinion on the minor incremental change to add CTR mode.

i did not request full redesigns.

it is too late to make full redesign changes, the implications and work required are too great.

if you had assisted at any time over the past 24 months on anything related to the core instructions svstep, setvl, svremap and svstate, with the writing of the pseudocode, ISACaller HDL, data structures, PowerDecoder2, simulator unit tests, HDL unit tests or the spec mdwn, you would know exactly how much work is implied by what you are requesting.

as you failed to assist you consequently have no idea what you are asking.

i *did* do all of that work, so i have the responsibility to assess whether it is feasible, and it is not. it is too much.

when i said "it is too late" it means, "it is too late".  you should have raised this (and offered to help) 6 to 24 months ago.

basically it is completely inappropriate in every respect conceivable to consider what you are raising, and it would cause significant damage.

please do not spend any further time discussing a matter that is closed.

anyone publicly reading this, especially VCs and their Agents, as well as OPF ISA WG Members or OPF Stakeholders, please disregard entirely the contents of this thread and consider it to be an internal matter *only* that we are obliged to hold publicly due to our NLnet Transparency and Audit Conditions, that you would not normally see.

none of the changes raised by Jacob within this thread shall be considered a committment or a change of the SimpleV Specification in any way.


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