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--- Comment #40 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
I suggest we stick to some simple rules upon formatting git commits:

1. Every commit MUST start with a short title, up to 50 characters.
2. The coomit title MUST contain either subsystem, or a file path, or a
subsystem/path, or a subsystem/subsubsystem combination, which got modified or
introduced, and a short summary. These parts must be separated by the
3. A good rule is to imagine that the short message begins with "if this patch
is applied, it will". For example, a good title is "X: update Y", not "updated
Y in X".
4. After the title, there must be an empty line, which documents the changes.
The limit is 72 characters per line.
5. The long description can be omitted if the short description provides enough
information or if the commit itself is simple enough.

subsystem/file.py: document usage

Here goes the long description, which explains everything. First of all,
we stick to limit of 72 characters. Then, perhaps, we'd like to explain
the rationale in more details.

I'd suggest to just stick to common sense whenever we choose subsystem names or
files or long descriptions. My primary concerns are: 1) short titles; 2) short
summaries; 3) wording for the first line. The rest is up for the committers.

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