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--- Comment #1 from Andrey Miroshnikov <andrey at technepisteme.xyz> ---
The first proposal I made a few weeks ago is titled: "Overview of LibreSOC",
and the goal of this first proposal is to give a long-term plan for LibreSOC,
and the reason the project getting started at all. Less significance will be
given to SimpleV, as this is meant to be a short intro talk to LibreSOC as a
whole (why is there a need for a fully-libre SoC, etc.). This talk should be
held at the beginning of the devroom, and can be made shorter than 25min if

I've made a second submission titled: "Introduction to SimpleV and
PowerISA+SVP64", which will be focused heavily on the basics of SimpleV.
Ideally this talk should occur early, so that consecutive talks by Sadoon,
Luke, Jacob, etc. can get going without repeating too much. Although I
recommend some repetition so that SimpleV actually sticks in people's heads.
This talk should probably about 45min + 5min for Q&A.

In between these two talks, we could fit someone who won't be talking about
SimpleV-related work.

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