[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 714] Coriolis2 Installation as Normal User Script

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--- Comment #23 from andrey at technepisteme.xyz ---
I've made a top-level script that sets up the chroot and Coriolis2 (as outlined
in comment #1). Ran it once (after making sure "coriolis-install" already
worked), and it works (from creating chroot all the way to displaying the
chip_r floorplan)!

The default chroot name I'm using is "coriolis". Should I change this, or
perhaps provide an optional input argument?

The script also checks if a chroot exists, and if it does, exits before doing
anything. This is because I don't expect a user to be re-running the script
more than once.
Once the chroot is setup, "coriolis-install" can be run independently.

The wiki pages for Coriolis2 and devscripts have been updated (I moved the
chroot information there as it is applicable to other software). Have a go
running the script "coriolis2-chroot" if you have time (probably before going
off for lunch or something).

Also after checking the color codes used in mk-deb-chroot, I found a convenient
way to change echo text colour:
echo -e "${RED}This text is in red,${NC} while this text is plain (no colour)."

There are even more options to look at:

"coriolis2-chroot" uses these colour variables for some of the messages.

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