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--- Comment #13 from andrey at technepisteme.xyz ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #12)
> (In reply to andrey from comment #11)
> ok, you'll like this: by using that larger function, you increase
> the workload required for the follow-on iterative tasks :)
Hahahahaahah :'(

> can i suggest now splitting things so that an additional (separate)
> task is added which considers using that (much larger) function as
> a separate incremental task?
As in, make "dummy_pinset" a separate task/file?

> besides, it may turn out that this is the wrong approach, and it would
> be better to discover that with much smaller examples than with larger
> ones, yeh?
> the reason dummy pinset exists was very strategically picked IO:
> it covers all 3 types of IOpads.  InType, OutType and InOutType,
> in bare minimum.
> the only thing it doesn't cover is "banked" IO where one direction
> pin covers the direction of multiple pins (as a "bank"). adding sdmmc
> would do the trick there.

Sorry, you lost me again. 

The issue I'm finding is that I have a rough understanding of the abstract (and
hardware) problem, but I don't understand the code/explanation. There are many
classes/methods in many different files, and I don't know what to focus on.
They also look quite esoteric to me, and their purpose isn't obvious.

So was what I wrote in "testing_stage1.py" not at all relevant to stage 1?

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