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--- Comment #10 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
diagram explaining JTAG redirection:

3 phases needed here:

* phase 1 - simple dummy_pinset Resource list

a function is needed which turns the results of dummy_pinset()

[UARTResource("uart", 0, tx=..., rx=..),
 I2CResource("i2c", 0, scl=..., sda=...),
 Resource("gpio", 0, Subsignal("i"...), Subsignal("o"...)
 Resource("gpio", 1, Subsignal("i"...), Subsignal("o"...)

and to create a Platform instance with that list, and build
something random


* phase 2 - read an arbitrary pinset (from a JSON file)

will edit tomorrow

* phase 3 - finally create an ASICPlatform with JTAG scan.

phase 1 should literally be no more than 20 lines of code.

phase 2 is a little more involved, some Resource peripherals
need to be created, wrapping class Pin and creating Resource

phase 3 is quite straightforward.

more tomorrow

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