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--- Comment #1 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
hmm, let's think this through:

* nvidia and other companies have billions of dollars
* LibreSOC applied for charitable grants of EUR 50,000
* the tasks that were applied for are low-level critical and unique research
* nvidia and other companies have a vested interest in seeing their hardware be
promoted (in direct competition to LibreSOC)
* we are implementing low-level ISA primitives (not high-level single-purpose
hard macros) and these need to go into libavutil (etc) regardless.
* this particularly because our focus is on general purpose Video *and Audio*
including Libre (non-patented) CODECs not just a specific high-monetary-value
list determined by the Khronos Group.

with our primary critical focus being to complete the R&D without which we do
not have hardware or low-level libraries that we have committed to NLnet that
we will complete, we have nothing to put behind the Vulkan Video API in ffmpeg,
and yet nvidia and other billion dollar companies would benefit and profit,
*even as* we divert funds away from our critical primary research.

this would likely result in said companies spongeing, yet again, off of libre
software developers.  encouraging or empowering said companies to do that seems
very unwise.

therefore what i propose is that nvidia and other members of the Khronos Group
be approached and asked to provide direct grant funding for the proposed ffmpeg

NLnet may also be contacted and would likely be interested and happy to act as
the financial conduit and manager of those funds, which has the advantage for
said companies that it is a tax deductible charitable gift.

once our primary research is completed, and our obligations to NLnet are met,
the situation can be re-evaluated.

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