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--- Comment #134 from Alexandre Oliva <oliva at gnu.org> ---
>> - what's the use of N, when M is not there, as in the "16-bit mode only"
>> blocks of encodings under 2.1.7 Logical and 2.1.8 Floating Point insns?

> i didn't want to have to duplicate the contents

err, I can't see how your answer relates with the question I intended to ask,
it looks like you're answering something unrelated.  I'll rephrase.  If you had
got that already, and your answer actually covers that point, I'm afraid I'll
need it rephrased too.

let's look at one specific example:

| N | 1 |  RT | | 100.0 | RB  | 0 0 0 | 0 | extsb

the bit where M would usually be is fixed at 0

there's an N bit there, that can presumably be set to 0 or 1

N is a bit that has so far only been assigned a meaning in combination with M

(unlike M, that has specified meanings in the absence of an N, e.g. in 10-bit
insns, and in 16-bit st)

what does N stand for, in the absence of an M in the same insn?

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