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--- Comment #129 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #128)

> The thing you’ve missed is there are 8 (eight!!) mentions of SV on the page.
> You need not add “a massive section” stating it’s 16bit repeatedly, but I
> highly suggest you at least go over it editing out any mentions of SV.

not going to happen, sorry.  they are there as reminders that C does
(ultimately) have to take SV into account.

this will take place under a separate bugreport however removal of all mention
of SV right now would result in destruction of critically important reminders.

> Additionally, specifications *must* be clear and unambiguous, which the
> current page is certainly not. I cannot understand why you would resist
> going over it and editing it to make it clearer and more unambiguous.

where that explanation adds complexity and confusion because of an outlier
situation as part of the development, *not* the target intended audience
(implementors), part of the *development*:


the place to resolve confusion amongst *DEVELOPERS* is: the DEVELOPER resource,
which is called, "the bug tracker".

when and *ONLY IF* an **IMPLEMENTOR** has found unclear or confusing
statements, **THEN** we listen to what they have to say.

> unambiguous specification. So, I’ll
> mention again that we’re almost at comment #130, so if not for our sakes in
> terms of making the discussion shorter and much more focussed, for the sake
> of the VM/server/database, I’m going to suggest again that we migrate the
> discussion of 16C to a new bug report that is *strictly* focussed on
> discussing C16, and *only* C16 without the 60+ comments of confusion in
> between?

still does not feel like the right thing to do.  it feels like it would not
hammer home the lesson learned, it would instead avoid it.

4 additional messages on additional meta-discussion have now been added to this
discussion, adding yet more noise, Cole.

can we please stop doing that and as i have repeated now 7 times in every
single comment since 118 a request to focus on the v1 review, actually do that
and cease all and any meta-discussion as well as keep it to v1 review.

if that doesn't happen i am going to start deleting comments that do not meet
the requested criteria.

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